One: Sam Kim

While I will never dare to call myself a music connoisseur, I’d like to think I’d know a masterpiece when I hear one. Case in point: Sam Kim’s live version of his latest track, Make Up.

Live version video on ONSTAGE YouTube channel. Click photo for video link
Make Up – Sam Kim (Live Ver.) Grabbed from ONSTAGE

Released November 22nd, Sam gifts us with 8 spectacular songs from his latest album: Sun and Moon.

Official tracklist from iTunes

Make Up had some jazz motifs like the other tracks, but it stands out in its softer feel with some Stevie Wonder-esque vibe thrown in. It was a masterful collaboration between Sam’s flowy R&B and Crush’s signature cool sweetness.

While the track is already a gem as it is, the live performance made it shine all the more:

The smoothness of the usual “Sam Groove” was toned down for a kind of roughness that lent the whole song the authenticity I’ve always heard from Sam.

There was a raw edge to his voice made it sound so honest I could almost hear my (nonexistent) beau begging me to make up – well, if said beau could beg with perfect pitch.

Tap on the video to watch the performance in all its magnificence.

Click on the tracklist to hear more of Sam Kim ✴♥

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